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Dining as a foursome, the evening has been awesome,
Champagne has been flowing, it’s been so easygoing,
We’ve been flirting all evening, while we’ve been eating,
Both with you and our husbands, using words and hands,
My hand upon your thigh, beneath tablecloth does lie,
Slowly moving upward, you’re turned on but feeling awkward,
For you’re not that way inclined, previous offers have declined,
But tonight you’re merry, and nowhere as wary,
Fingers above stocking-top, yet still don’t ask me to stop,
Slightly parting your thighs, now so turned on you can’t disguise,
Caresses far beneath your dress, making such sensual progress,
Then I lean in so near, softly whisper in your ear,
“Take your panties off”, making you splutter and cough,
That gets our husbands’ attention, air now ripe with sexual tension.

As our husbands watch, sipping from their scotch,
To see if you’ll really do it, and just…

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Contented Purr

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Inhaling deep your heavy, musky and feminine scent,

Which from your waxed and tattooed mound, does unceasingly vent,

Laying between widespread thighs, exploring with fingertips,

The outlines of those wonderfully full and puffy lips,

The outer ones pale against the inner ones, flushed scarlet,

Above them beckons, that hard little button of your clit,

Slick with those honeyed juices, just emerging from its hood,

Lingeringly, I scrutinise your luscious womanhood,

Before I flick my fingers across your shiny gemstone,

Which elicits, sudden jerk and a deep guttural groan,

Pulling apart those shiny lips, with tender fingertips,

Opening you up, I lean forward to kiss you with my lips,

Tasting the unbelievable richness of your nectar,

As my tongue inside those moist pink walls, begins to flutter,

Then lick slowly from the puckered rosette between your cheeks,

With long smooth strokes, licking upwards to where that nectar leaks,

Slowly up and…

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Come to me.

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Your tweets, they drive me crazy,

The air, the emotions all hazy.
My eyes become heavy and lazy,
Dirty dancing without Patrick Swayze.
Your words are such a distraction,
No one else can see the attraction.
The butterflies and capillary action,
My heart has had a strong reaction.
Sending tantalising titbits, so teasing,
Your touch, like electric, so pleasing.
When hectic you cause an easing,
The butterflies suddenly appeasing.
You cause immense frustration,
Always teasing with flirtation.
Every synapse receives sensation,
My breathing needs recalibration.
Deepest unfathomable chemistry,
Parallel yin and yang symmetry.
A connection unique telemetry,
I’ll use all my powers of coquetry.
Come to me, we should be kissing,
Your lips mine truly are missing.
Hours spent entwined, reminiscing,
Chest to breast, closely squishing.

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